Antigua Guatemala Hotel
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Antigua Guatemala
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  • Living Room

    The Posada's colonial roots are nowhere more evident than in the outdoor living room. This space is perfect to take refuge from the sun during warm days, or to huddle around the fireplace with a hot chocolate during Antigua's colder months. We expect our guests to use this space as they would their own home...having drinks with friends, playing board games and music, or simply curling in the sofa with a book.

  • Lap-Pool

    The lap-pool is heated with solar panels, ensuring the temperature is perfect whenever you go for a swim.

  • Breakfast Room

    Before venturing through the city, you may enjoy a complimentary breakfast in our dining room. The sun-drenched room faces the pool on one side and the garden on the other, allowing you to gather energy with a cup of coffee in the morning, or relax with a glass of wine in the evening.

  • Terrace

    Antigua's temperate weather makes lounging in the terrace a most enjoyable experience. You may choose to have breakfast overlooking the three towering volcanoes which surround the city. For those hoping to relax in the hotel for an entire day, we recommend ordering food from some of the city's fantastic restaurants and staying up here to drink mojitos, martinis, or margaritas from our bar. In addition to the must-see sites outside the hotel, you should not leave Antigua without witnessing the sun set over the valley from up here...this alone is worth the trip.

  • Concierge

    We hope to do much more than arrange you to be picked up at the airport. Anibal and Mélida are here to advice you and plan any activities you wish to pursue during your stay with us. Whether it is planning a climb of the Pacaya volcano or go on a shopping trip to the markets, order food in or make a reservation at a restaurant, we would be happy to arrange this for you.

    We are very proud of our city and the secrets it holds; nothing would make us happier than sharing these with you.

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